“Wine that’s made for love, not profit”
James Halliday, Weekend Australian Magazine, January 2012 

Peter Dawson and Tim James are winemakers who have always been driven by quality and innovation.

The two friends met in Adelaide in 1976: Peter Dawson was a
21-year-old science student from Geelong whose first job in the wine sector was as a cellar hand with Thomas Hardy & Sons, working at their Mile End winery, where Tim James was the Production Winemaker.

They struck up a remarkable friendship that has spanned three decades, working together for 20 years at Hardys before moving on to new horizons. With a collective winemaking experience of more than 70 years, their interest in wine is much more than purely professional, and it was inevitable that at some point down the track, the two would work in collaboration.
"Dawson James Wines is the realisation of this partnership, a project that is as much about personal passion as it is the business of wine."

Their ambition to make a great pinot noir drew them to the cool climate of Tasmania where they have committed to making both pinot noir and chardonnay from a unique vineyard site in the Derwent Valley.

The first release of their 2010 vintage wines was much anticipated within the industry which, over the decades, has benefited from the talent and experience of these two stalwarts. They have worked across the industry in a wide range of capacities: as winemakers, judges, educators, lobbyists and directors. They have also both mentored the next generation of producers, guiding young winemakers who share their commitment to quality, not just in the vineyard, but from winemaking through to bottling.

"We've always had high expectations and standards in terms of our appreciation of wine, and now we've pushed ourselves to make two wines that hold their own with the best in the world."

Undertaking this venture together is the culmination of a long-standing friendship for Peter Dawson and Tim James, who have been sharing wine and discussing it for more than 30 years. Their enterprise is all about quality, enjoyment and friendship.

“Now we are enjoying striving for greater quality and innovation, and take pride in the fact that our philosophy of seeking out the best has proved achievable."