2021 National Wine Show of Australia

Qualification for entry to the National Wine Show requires a prior Silver medal or above award in recognised Australian regional or capital city wine shows. The National wine Show was judged in June 2022 and our three entries resulted in two gold and one silver medal.

2018 Dawson James Chardonnay, Class 13, 93 points SILVER

2019 Dawson James Chardonnay, Class 13, 95 Points GOLD

2020 Dawson James Chardonnay, Class 12, 95 Points GOLD


Our grapes are grown on the Meadowbank vineyard, approximately 60 kms northwest of Hobart. Its rugged topography is bounded by the fast flowing, pristine waters of the Derwent River. These grapes are used to create our unique Chardonnay and Pinot Noir single vineyard wines.